4 Singapore Startups Set Sights on Germany

The holiday weeks sure did fly by in a blur. But, while most businesses have taken their foot off the gas before the holiday season, these four Singapore-based startups, have joined Scaler8 Explore to stay ahead of the curve as they headlong into the new year to unlock 2022 market opportunities in Germany.

Scaler8 Explore is an 11-week programme, fully customised based on specific business objectives with actionable insights to prepare the startups for their next step, expansion. Startups will gain valuable exposure and product-market feedback from experts in Germany and define/refine entry strategy.

Read on to learn more about their innovative technologies and why they are looking at Germany as the next market for international expansion.


Enterprise-grade security for IoT and embedded systems.

Fun Fact: MicroSec’s core technology is patented in the EU, US, Japan, Australia and Singapore, and is compliant with international cybersecurity standards.

Industries: Industry 4.0/IoT, Smart Cities

Year founded: 2017

Stage of funding: Series A

Current Locations: Singapore

Microsec builds the next-gen cybersecurity IoT solutions with enterprise-grade security that empowers governments and industrial organisations in protecting their devices and infrastructure against cyber attacks.

MicroSec’s domain expertise combines threat and security management with protection at the Edge for connected IoT devices and networks. Its team is comprised of deep tech experts and scientists specialising in cryptography, embedded systems, machine learning, mathematical optimisation, and cybersecurity.

“We joined the Scaler8 programme to familiarise ourselves with the German market and discover new opportunities that we hope align with our GTM ambitions,” says Vishram Mishra, Co-founder and CEO at MicroSec.



Overcome brain health challenges through Artificial Intelligence and Digital Therapeutics.

Fun Fact: Neeuro is backed with clinically validated research by A*STAR, an institution widely known as being at the forefront of Singapore’s research endeavours.

Industries: Digital Health, MedTech

Year founded: 2013

Stage of funding: Series A

Current Locations: Singapore

Neeuro is a global company that specialises in utilising Brain-Computer Interface technology to maximise users’ neurological agility and fitness potential. Neeuro’s extensive portfolio and an array of offerings empower digital therapeutics and brain fitness solutions. 

Its core technology, NeeuroOS, is a platform ecosystem that empowers health care professionals, researchers, and third-party developers with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven platform with the ability to analyse the brain signals of users; measuring mental states, including but not limited to attention, relaxation, mental workload, and fatigue. Neeuro’s holistic platform, coupled with its other offerings, reveals numerous potential avenues to explore complementary mental wellness options for ADHD children, patients with stroke, cognitive rehabilitation, and many other neurological issues.

“As Neeuro is expanding and scaling its partnerships globally, Germany is a very attractive location for us to reach out into Europe. We have had success with our partners in Germany that has validated our product fit into the market with client validation. Our objective is to offer our world-class digital therapeutics solution for ADHD children or children with inattentive challenges through the guidance from the Scaler8 team.” says Alvin Chan, Co-founder and CEO and Neeuro.


SESTO Robotics

Providing Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) technology.

Fun Fact: SESTO’s AMRs have clocked more than one million hours of operations since 2015, enabling end-users to reap productivity gains.

Industries: Industry 4.0/IoT, Robotics

Year founded: 2017

Stage of funding: Series A

Current Locations: Singapore

SESTO Robotics is a leading provider of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and applications for the automation of material handling and delivery processes. Their proprietary operating system brings cutting edge intelligence and tasking capabilities to your intralogistics needs.

With an established track record of delivering AMR solutions, SESTO has supplied AMR applications and solutions to customers in Asia and exported our AMRs to Europe.  Their fleet of AMRs have enabled companies to automate manual, repetitive, ad-hoc or scheduled delivery processes and ensure certainty of outcomes.

“Germany has a large manufacturing base and is a leader amongst other countries in adopting automation with robotics. Our products and solutions will enable companies to reduce reliance on manual labour; a category of costs that has been rising due to the country’s demographics and border restrictions relating to the pandemic,” says Chor-Chen Ang, CEO at SESTO Robotics


Electromagnetics based sensor solutions for safer, resilient, and sustainable cities.

Fun Fact: WaveScan’s technology has already been validated with various global MNCs for multiple use cases and is currently being test-bedded in Singapore at scale.

Industries: Industry 4.0/IoT, Smart Cities

Year founded: 2018

Stage of funding: Seed

Current Locations: Singapore

WaveScan is a Singapore-based deeptech startup developing a first-of-its-kind, see-through, electromagnetics radar-based imaging technology. Their proprietary sensor technology builds upon a decade of research at A*STAR, Singapore’s national research laboratory agency, resulting in a contactless, high-resolution scanner system targeted for structural inspections.

Being contactless allows their scanners to integrate into multiple automation platforms for data collection, such as UGVs, cobots, and drones. WaveScan in-house visualisation software completes the envisioned end-to-end solution, allowing for proactive inspections and maintenance of a diverse range of assets from the infrastructure and oil & gas industries.

“If an advanced manufacturing company like WaveScan can make it in Germany, it can make it anywhere in the world. Europe has been one of our key target markets due to good product-market fit and existing client validation from on-site POCs conducted with VINCI in Germany and the Netherlands. The safety of our built environment is a global issue. We aim to disrupt the inspection industry with our cutting-edge scanning technology through the right mentorship and guidance provided by the Scaler8 team.” says Dr Kush Agarwal, Founder and CEO at WaveScan


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