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exploration and 
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We prepare international startups and SMEs for successful entry into the international market. Opening promising marketing opportunities abroad to our local entrepreneurs is our goal at Scaler8. Our expert team and a large network of partners and mentors will guide you through the entire expansion process, from rapid market validation to establishing a local presence.

  • Understand & navigate the international market and its opportunities

  • Connect with potential
    customers and partners

  • Create your go-to-market

  • Establish a local presence


A guided market exploration and preparation service for companies considering international expansion.

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A customised market entry service for companies ready to expand and navigate international market

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Expand your business globally for growth and opportunities  

  • Larger market
  • Reduced risk through diversification
  • Global Networking opportunities
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We bring extensive knowledge of the international market and experience in scaling startups to guide you along your expansion journey. We will walk you through how to start a business in a new market. Your market entry will be supported by German Entrepreneurship, the leading innovation services provider in the German innovation ecosystem.

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