Trusted International Market Expansion Expert

We use our established network of partners and mentors, extensive knowledge of international markets such as Germany, Singapore, and the U.S., and experience scaling businesses to provide international startups and SMEs with a framework for successful entry into international markets through our trusted expansion services. Our market exploration and access services, along with our tailored international expansion strategies, are designed to meet the needs of each individual company, whether you are just starting your overseas expansion journey or ready to take the leap. Our expert team guides you through each step, from determining if overseas expansion is right for you to establishing a local presence in your chosen market. These tailored services are backed by German Entrepreneurship, a leading innovation services provider with strong connections and expertise in Asia, Europe, North, and South America.

Our Team

Claus Karthe

CEO (Singapore)

Matthias Notz

CEO (Germany)

Marc Filerman

Managing Partner, Life Sciences (U.S.)

Christian Jorg

Managing Partner (U.S.)

Teodora Georgieva

Programme Director, Scaler8 (Singapore)

Kristin Eckert

Global Lead, Business Development (Singapore)

Yitch Cheng

Programme Manager, Scaler8 (Singapore)

Eileen Wong

Head of Marketing, Asia (Singapore)

Román Azanza

Strategy Advisor, Scaler8 (Singapore)

Wayne Lee

Programme Manager, Scaler8 (Singapore)