Frequently Asked Questions



The time commitment required by your company varies between Discover and Access programs. Our team will advise you on the estimated on the number of hours per week required for mentoring, expert meeting, and strategy sessions with the program teams.

We recommend that companies schedule a meeting with us to determine your readiness for market expansion into your selected market, so we can advise on the most suitable service for you at this time.

At least one of the founders or C-level executives should actively participate in the programme, together with a team member with significant business background and expertise.

Our support for companies does not end once the programme duration is over. Our team can provide tailored advice on the supporting grants available to build on the momentum and initial traction achieved through Scaler8.

For companies that completed Scaler8 Discover, our specialists can design specific bridging support services for companies that require further assistance while getting ready for Scaler8 Access.


Our services are designed for startups and SMEs who have:

  • Incorporated in home country with minimum 30% local shareholding
  • Existing product in the market with initial traction achieved OR Demonstrated successful clinical trials/partnerships in home market or other markets
  • Sufficient resources to dedicate to the project execution, e.g. stable funding, cashflow, and human resources and time

The cost varies based on requirements and eligibility for a subsidy. Apply to check your eligibility.

Payment modes include bank transfer. More information will be provided upon confirmation of your application.

Full payment must be made within 5 working days from the invoice date indicated.

Refunds are not available.


You may submit the application questionnaire and a pitch deck about your company here.

Not sure which service is most suited for your company? Schedule a free call with our specialists to find out how you can start your expansion journey with Scaler8.

As we work with limited startups, we encourage you to complete the application questionnaire as early as possible to secure your slot. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and we will respond to you via email within 3 working days of filling in the questionnaire to schedule a 1-on-1 meeting with your team.