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A guided market exploration and preparation service for companies considering expansion.

At Scaler8, we understand that international expansion can be challenging. That’s why we offer a customized approach to help you navigate this exciting but complex process. Our process starts with a comprehensive expansion readiness assessment, followed by a deep dive into your industry and company to identify the best opportunities in your targeted market.

Our experienced team will work with you to tailor a unique market expansion strategy, adapt your product for the local market, and enhance your overall business offering. With our help, you can build a solid foundation for your company’s expansion.

Gain Access to Our Extensive Network

We believe that building relationships and making connections is key to success in any new market. That’s why we provide you with access to our extensive network of partners, mentors, and potential customers, who can provide valuable feedback and insights.

Get a First-Hand Experience

To help you fully understand the business landscape in your chosen market, we also offer a one-week immersive trip, where you can experience the local business culture and make valuable connections.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your international expansion goals.

Our approach

Market Expansion Strategy for Companies

Fully customised

We offer a fully customised service based on your specific business objectives, including one-on-one interactions with our experts and partners as well as client feedback.

Local networks

We connect you with our expansive network of key opinion leaders, top companies, local government agencies, and ecosystem players across multiple industries to validate your assumptions and create partnership opportunities.

Actionable insights

We provide you with a comprehensive expansion readiness report that delivers key insights, highlights focus areas for expansion, and serves as the basis for your go-to-market strategy.

The details


7 Weeks in Singapore
1 Week in Germany


Please contact us to find out if you are eligible for a subsidy.

We do not take any equity in your company.

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Your customised programme

  • Identify and engage key stakeholders in your industry
  • Understand your local customer and adapt your offering to the German market
  • Analyse the competitive landscape and the best positioning for your company
  • Understand the German regulatory environment and your compliance requirements
  • Adopt your business model and localise your pricing
  • Identify local hiring needs and company structure for local operations
  • Plan the financial resources required to support your market entry

Germany immersion trip

  • Discover Germany’s innovation hubs
  • Meet government institutions and prospective customers and stakeholders
  • Pitch to local corporates and investors


Starting your
Scaler8 journey

See what others are saying

“Trying to enter a new geography all by yourself has a lot of risk associated with it. We are very happy to work with a reputed partner like Scaler8, who can use their network to give us the visibility that we need.”

Partha Ray

Founder and CEO,

“The community aspect of Scaler8, along with its comprehensive access to 360 degree expertise, is a key motivator for us to be a part of the programme.”

Morgan Terigi

Co-founder and CEO,

"Although a high percentage of Germans speak good English, a good partner like Scaler8 can help you to localise your solution while also helping to promote you in a local context."

Amrish Nair

Co-founder and CEO,


Does my company qualify for the Scaler8 programme?

Our services are designed for Singapore startups and SMEs who have:

  • Incorporated in Singapore with minimum 30% Singaporean/PR shareholding
  • Existing product in the market with initial traction achieved OR Demonstrated successful clinical trials/partnerships in Singapore or other markets
  • Sufficient resources to dedicate to the project execution, e.g. stable funding, cashflow, and human resources and time
Which service is most suitable for my company?

We recommend that companies schedule a meeting with us to determine your readiness for market expansion into Germany, so we can advise on the most suitable service for you at this time.

You can also attend our insight sessions to learn about opportunities in Germany and what you can expect.

Which team member should participate?

At least one of the founders or C-level executives should actively participate in the programme, together with a team member with significant business background and expertise.

How much does it cost to participate in the programmes?

As Scaler8 is supported by Enterprise Singapore, participants are given an immediate 70% subsidy on the cost of participation for the Explore and Access programmes. There are no additional forms or applications required for this grant for companies that are accepted into the programmes.

Each programme is priced separately:

  • Scaler8 Explore: Please contact us to check for eligibility.
  • Scaler8 Access: S$15,000/company* (excl GST)

*Subsidised price includes programme costs for a maximum of 2 participants per company. It excludes cost of travel, accommodation and meals. For Scaler8 Access, subsidised price includes office space.

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Join one of our industry-specific webinars to get information about potential opportunities in Germany.

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