Scaler8 Welcomes Startups From South Korea

Four high-potential startups from South Korea’s Ulsan Technopark have started their journey to expand their operations in Singapore through Scaler8.

Ulsan Technopark is a government-backed project that supports the growth of innovative South Korean startups, from incubation to networking.

To help these startups in their globalization journey, Scaler8 has created a customized expansion program that will set these startups up for successful entries into the Singapore market.

The four startups are SeoHong Tech, Peter’s Lab, Seal Booster and Nayoull.

SeoHong Tech

SeoHong Tech is the MedTech startup behind Medi Pressura, a smart mattress that analyses sleep patterns to reduce bedsores and pressure ulcers in elderly and disabled patients. The startup aims to alleviate the serious condition of bedsores and pressure ulcers, which are among the most prevalent, costly, and dangerous medical conditions that interfere with patient recovery and increase the risk of infection.

Medi Pressura collects pressure data from over a thousand FSR sensors and uses AI algorithms to detect and alert on abnormal pressure conditions in order to prevent further bedsores. The complementary mobile application provides data and alerts users and caregivers in real-time, simultaneously enabling personalized care management for multiple patients.

Fun Fact: SeoHong Tech is also developing AI that analyzes the behaviors of dogs and cats. They hope to develop technology that can help pet owners understand their pets better and predict their behaviors.

Industries:  Healthcare

Year founded: 2018

Stage of funding: Seed

Current Locations: South Korea

Peter’s Lab

Peter’s Lab is a MedTech startup that focuses on pet health. This startup aims to help pet owners decrease expenses for medical treatment and care of pets by predicting possible diseases with their breakthrough technology, the Pet Bio Care Platform.

Peter’s Lab has produced a pet disease prediction medical checkup kit based on real-time PCR and AI algorithms. With a simple swab in the mouth, Peter’s Lab can collect the PCR data to run through 3,000 inspection data algorithms to predict 30 major diseases and 14 pathogens. Checkup reports and EMR charts are provided via an app, accompanied by health functional food and special feed recommendations. Regular checkups using Peter’s Lab, which costs US$35, can help avoid expensive pet health problems in the long run.

Fun Fact: Their product is ready for market so you may see their kits available for sale soon!

Industries:  Healthcare (Pets)

Year founded: 2022

Stage of funding: Seed

Current Locations: South Korea

Seal Booster

Seal Booster is a product developed by Serve Technology. Their ground-breaking hands-free Wearable Personal Underwater Propulsion System is a culmination of intensive research and development.

Seal Booster’s wearable underwater jet pack is designed for skin divers, free-divers, snorkelers, and other water sports adventurers. It offers a long battery life of 60 minutes (when used in Eco Mode), weighs around 9kg and propels wearers up to 6km/h. Their waterjet system is easy to operate and safer than propeller system devices. The Seal Booster has three product models targeting leisure, rescue missions, or military activities.

Fun Fact: Seal Booster is currently in talks with dealers from 10 countries on distributing their equipment.

Industries:  Maritime Leisure Equipment

Year founded: 1997

Stage of funding: Seed

Current Locations: South Korea


Nayoull is a green raw material e-commerce startup that aims to bridge the gap between consumers and suppliers of eco-friendly and upcycled fabrics.

South Korea’s fabric market functions under a complex distribution system, which creates barriers for buyers inexperienced with the market.

Nayoull aims to create a more accessible fabric distribution system that can help foreign buyers locate relevant supplies and reduce excess inventory of fabric suppliers. They also aim to increase sales of eco-friendly and upcycled fabrics.

Fun Fact: Nayoull also has an education program to teach children about sustainability and art. They offer art education, sewing and embroidery training, environmental education, and color therapy.

Industries:  Fashion Raw Material, E-Commerce
Year founded: 2021

Stage of funding: Seed

Current Locations: South Korea

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