Meet the Singapore Startups in our Industry 4.0 Explore Programme

Four high-potential Industry 4.0 startups from Singapore have already started their journey to expand their operations in Germany through Scaler8.

These startups chose to expand to the German market because of Germany’s strong industrial networks that offer a wealth of opportunities for collaboration and partnerships. With a long-standing manufacturing tradition, a highly skilled workforce, and government support for research and development, the German market is well-positioned to lead the way in the Industry 4.0 revolution.

The four Industry 4.0 startups are Polymerize, Wimera, SureReserve and Datakrew.


Industries:  Software, Industry 4.0

Year founded: 2020

Stage of funding: Series A

Current Locations: Singapore


Polymerize is a SaaS platform for R&D teams in chemical companies. Harnessing the power of Machine Learning, their platform can predict formulations and materials properties, enabling researchers to save time and resources by cutting down on repetitive and inefficent trial-and-error processes.

Polymerize was founded in 2020 by Dr Abhijit Salvekar, a material scientist, and Kunal Sandeep, a two-time past startup founder with previous consulting experience in KPMG and Subex.

Fun fact: You may have caught Polymerize in Germany at Hannover Messe 2023, the world’s leading industrial fair. Polymerize has already acquired clients from 4 different markets – India, Singapore, US and Japan, in the short time frame from when they were founded! With Scaler8, their quest for market expansion to Germany continues.


Industries:  Software, Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

Year founded: 2015

Stage of funding: Seed

Current Locations: Singapore and India



Wimera Systems is a leading provider of end-to-end Industrial IoT solutions for the manufacturing and industrial sectors. Their smart factory solution streamlines manufacturing processes provides real-time insights, and optimizes production output, reducing costs & energy consumption. Powered by AI/ML, their solutions generate actionable insights to help customers make proactive decisions about the business and operations.

Wimera provides DataBase access and integration with platforms such as PowerBI, and Tableau for creating custom dashboards for clients’ operational workflows. The solution can be delivered as an on-premise or cloud-based service. Wimera ensures data analysis and real-time insights that can improve the quality of work with zero errors.

Fun fact: Wimera also attended Hannover Messe 2023 in Germany, where they showcased their revolutionary IoT solutions at the trade fair. They have steadily gained traction globally and some of their esteemed partners are in Indonesia, Netherlands, Thailand and The Philippines.


Industries:  Software, IOT

Year founded: 2014

Stage of funding: Seed

Current Locations: Singapore

SureReserve is a service that allows car drivers, at a reasonable cost, to pre-book and reserve a convenient parking spot at their destination. Their service ensure that drivers get to their destination in comfort, without the stress of searching for parking. Their fully automated cloud-based booking management platform will activate an easily installed park lock barrier in the carpark designated lot, thereby securing it and preventing any other car from parking there.

In addition to that, their solution also enables drivers to pre-book electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in advance, which could help solve and address the issues of “hogging” and “ICErs” – which refers to owners of cars with internal combustion engine (ICE) using a parking space reserved for electric cars. 

Fun fact: The team behind SureReserve, a product of Innovation of Thingz, won the TIE50 award in 2016 for their innovative parking app SurePark.


Industries:  Deep tech, Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

Year founded: 2018

Stage of funding: Seed

Current Locations: Singapore

Datakrew is a deep-tech IP-driven startup from Singapore, with a focus on real-time EV battery analytics and diagnostics using IoT and AI. Using their solution (OXRED), EV makers, battery makers & EV fleets can manage battery performance, warranty & support based on real-time BMS data, driving behavior, and traffic/road conditions.

Users get comprehensive real-time analytics on battery performance, and predictions of critical factors affecting failure, and downtime. OXRED gives recommendations to avoid capacity fade, increase battery lifetime, and avoid sudden breakdowns and safety incidents. End-users can see their EV battery performance, alerts, and warnings on a phone app.

Fun fact: Datakrew is a spin-off from Nanyang Technological University Singapore under the NTUitive program and is supported by Enterprise Singapore.


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