From Scaler8 Startup to Mentorship Success: Curium Empowering Young Entrepreneurs in Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Global Program

Introduction and motivation:

I am a serial entrepreneur with an extensive background in building technology products, businesses and IP. Additionally, I have been actively mentoring and working with new entrepreneurs mainly from Singapore, Pakistan and Canada to help them in building their businesses. Naturally, I wanted to expand my network and work with European budding entrepreneurs and, hence, my interest in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Global program. The new entrepreneur (NE) is an aspiring entrepreneur from Poland entering into the digital health space. With a PhD in biomedical engineering and having built MedTech products, I could guide the NE in this space.

What did the partnership look like?

The NE came to Singapore and joined the company’s daily meetings in order to get first-hand experience of working in a tech startup environment. We had weekly touch points with the NE and assigned weekly tasks for which the NE prepared weekly reports on her progress. She prepared an in-depth market analysis on the company’s business and competitors and used this knowledge to prepare some marketing materials. She also participated in Company’s customer and investor meetings as an observer to give her exposure. She also gave mutually beneficial presentations on topics such as the best practices in Cybersecurity, MLOps and DataOps.

What were the outcomes of the collaboration?

Overall, the exchange was highly beneficial for both parties. The NE experienced first-hand how to work in a dynamic and diverse start up environment. The NE was working with a very multicultural team with a diverse set of skills. The NE was exposed to real customer and investor meetings as an observer to learn how to present ideas and business opportunities. Furthermore, the NE was helpful for our business as she prepared in-depth market research for us as well as provided a different perspective for our marketing and customer outreach. The NE also presented a report on ESG (Environmental, social, and corporate governance) framework. As a sign of a successful exchange, we intend to continue to collaborate beyond the Erasmus framework.

Ready to make a difference as a mentor to young entrepreneurs in Europe? Take the first step and apply here:

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